Calculating the total cost of the course, Univ’s in India are as expensive now as in abroad countries. But here students cant earn while studying, rather parents have to send in a huge monthly expenditure to students living away from home. Abroad living cost is not responsibility of parents. Moreover international degrees help them to avail job opportunities at any destination(even their home country) or they can move on to US & UK after acquiring an international degree by just applying on-line.
We at BFA believe that the choice of country must depend upon joint decision with elders & parents keeping in mind your course, acquaintances and budget.
Always choose a course which caters to your interest and is relevant to your past study, not only getting a visa shall be easier but also you would be comfortable with your further study.
Countries abroad offer more technological study with a blend of innovations & research. After completing your study you shall be more skilled & innovative. Your enhanced personality & confidence will open doors for newer opportunities.
Here your knowledge & communication skills shall be tested. Students who have a good command over English and who possess knowledge in various fields added on with social skills shall take the front seat.
Most countries allow students to work part time i.e. 20 hours/week simultaneously while studying full time.( conditions vary from country to country)
IT related jobs,Hospitality,Retail,Store managers etc. depending on your choice of course.
Yes, definitely. First of all there are many Indian students & families. Secondly all facilities are open for students and are at your door step or just a click away. Indian food & groceries are easily available & mostly people speak English.

Moreover our representatives are there to assist you.
Accomodation is easily available for students. It is available on rent according to you requirement & budget. Mostly students live on sharing basis which is enjoyable & economical. Transport facilities abroad are excellent, buses, trains etc. are easily approachable in every area.