Director's Mesage


Director's Mesage

Education opens up a world of possibilities for students. It inspires them to dream, and instills confidence that they can be successful in everything they do.

When looking back, many students are able to recall that first moment in school when the world began to make sense; when their minds became open to new concepts, ideas and possibilities. While that is an important time in one’s life, the reality is that education is a series of moments, each one helping to build greater understanding, self-esteem and character.

The BFA’s values; Respect, Relationships and Responsibility, all demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of learning, co-operation and collaboration throughout the system.

I would like to share a few other elements in our plan that underscore our commitment to exceptional service, and providing your children with the best quality international education.

  • We value everyone’s contribution towards student success.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity, dignity, success and worth of all individuals.
  • We will strengthen a culture that supports success and innovation.
  • We will share and implement best practices and innovative approaches that enhance student achievement.

At the BFA, students are benefitting from more opportunities than ever. Today’s students are using leading edge learning technologies, demonstrating leadership in the movement towards environmental sustainability and supporting their local communities, all while developing powerful reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Success in education is often measured based on our ability to prepare students for the rigors and challenges of the real world. But, at the BFA, that definition of success is evolving. With the efforts of our dedicated staff, new technologies and innovative programs. Students won’t have to wonder if they’re ready for the real world; students will be wondering whether the world is ready for them!